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Serving Southampton & East End New York

It's spring. The days are growing longer. Thoughts of sipping something cool and wet while floating around in your pool become more vivid. Now is the time to be thinking about opening up your pool for the summer.It's also time to think about a Shinnecock Pools Opening/Closing Service Agreement (call for details). It covers opening your pool, maintaining it throughout the summer and winterizing.

Opening up a pool is a combination of proper cleaning and sanitation of the pool, servicing pumps, filters, even smaller items like plugs to ensure they work properly and efficiently, and water balancing–a complicated combination of water chemistry, hydraulics and filtration.

SUMMERIZING YOUR POOL with Shinnecock Pools entails:

1. Removing, cleaning and folding the pool cover.
2. Thorough cleaning, brushing and vacuuming of all pool surfaces.
3. Replacing any plugs in poor condition.
4. Installation of any needed deck equipment.
5. Servicing and priming the pump.
6. Checking for any minor drips or leaks and repairing them.
7. Installation of diving boards and hand rails.
8. Complete water analysis.
9. Balancing the water with the proper chemicals.
10. Hosing down deck and neatly placing patio accessories.
11. Cleaning all leaves and debris away from the system.

SUMMERIZING YOUR SPA with Shinnecock Pool entails:

1. Removing cover.
2. Installing deck equipment.
3. A thorough cleaning.
4. Filling the spa with water.
5. Starting the filtration system.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance
National Plasterers Council
Northeast Spa and Pool Association