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Closing Your Pool for the Winter by Shinnecock Pools Southampton Pool Service.

Serving Southampton & East End New York

Closing your pool is one of the most important things we do to help maintain the life of your pool. Keeping an eye on your pool throughout the cold, winter months is just another service that makes us the best in pool service on the East End. Our winterizings are GUARANTEED against frost damage to plumbing or equipment.

Here are the steps we take when closing your pool for the season:

1. Balance the water.
2. Add extra algaecide.
3. Add extra chlorine (For gunite pools, we add a chlorine floater that dispenses chlorine throughout the winter).
4. Blow water out of the pipes.
5. Add non-toxic antifreeze inside pipes.
6. Drain water out of the filter.
7. Turn pump off and store inside.
8. Winterize the heater, automatic chemical feeder and pool cleaner.
9. Pump the water level down to allow for snow and rain.
10. Put pool cover on.

All this is just part of the service outlined in our Shinnecock Pools Opening/Closing Service Agreement (call for details). The best way to help prolong the life of your pool.

Winter Watch Service.

When you sign up for our winter watch service, we will:

1. Go by your home once a month.
2. Pump out excess water from rain or snow.
3. Make sure the cover is secure and tight.
4. Make sure the skimmer pots have antifreeze and gizzmos are in place.
5. Check to make sure the pool is not turning green.
6. Take a brief overview of the property to make sure all pool gates are closed, etc.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance
National Plasterers Council
Northeast Spa and Pool Association